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How Marketing Automation Drives Engagement

Drive engagement, growth and efficiencies using marketing automation

We’ve all been there before: that moment when frustration kicks in after a lengthy search on a website. You’re looking for something specific—event information, a registration link, or professional support—but you can’t seem to find it.

For association members—especially five-minute members who engage with you in quick, in-and-out interactions—that frustration can turn into a feeling of abandonment, leading to the conclusion that you can’t deliver on their needs. In such moments, advanced marketing automation can deliver, says Alex Mastrianni, marketing manager at Higher Logic, a marketing automation provider. By connecting web analytics to an automated email campaign, you can quickly and efficiently address the member’s need.

“Say you have members who are searching on [web] pages about upcoming events, but maybe they aren’t taking advantage of anything—signing up, registering, or clicking through,” Mastrianni says. “With an automated campaign, the association can go back and send targeted and customized messages that are triggered off those web visits.”

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