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Why Employee Time-savings Benefits Are Gaining Favor

New-age benefits put time back in people’s day

Business moves at light-speed. Workers squeeze as much productivity out of each day, each week, each year as possible. No matter how efficient an employee is, work inevitably cuts into personal time. This blurring of lines between office and home life has made the value and quality of “time” a precious commodity – regardless of generation, industry, position or title.

This reality has given rise to a new genre of employee benefits: time-savings concierge services. While Silicon Valley companies have been offering similar benefits for years, a number of employers now recognize the challenge their employees face and the corresponding opportunity to recruit and retain their workforce via inclusion of these new benefits. 

New-age benefits put time back in people’s day
If employees are bringing work home, it makes sense they need personal tasks completed at work. It isn’t an entirely new concept - think how many times you’ve overheard a colleague at work attempting to schedule a doctor appointment, setting up child care, or disputing a medical bill. The drain on time is overwhelming, impacting productivity, contributing to presentee-ism and the well-being of our workforce. 

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