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Education Group Fights Misinformation via Wiki

In the age of "fake news," credibility is changing how everyone communicates

Newspapers may have their own printing presses, but at a time when credibility of online information is increasingly questioned, it’s important for hometown publications to have a Wikipedia page, too.

An association-run program is helping out with that. Through its Digital Polarization Initiative, in partnership with a Washington state college professor, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) is helping to fight misinformation and teach digital literacy by having college students create or beef up Wikipedia pages for local newspapers. Organizations are not supposed to write about themselves on Wikipedia due to conflict-of-interest rules, so the initiative solves a problem for small papers that do not already have a Wikipedia page.

The idea, according to Washington State University Vancouver’s Mike Caulfield, is to make accurate information about the newspapers easily available and to put a focus on neutral messaging.

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