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Creating a Learning Culture

Association Success shares advice for making learning practices more natural

Prevent your organization from growing stale by weaving learning into the fabric of your organization. After all, lifelong learning not only helps your employees be better at what they do, but it also keeps your organization moving forward.

To encourage a desire for education in your organization, “make sure that people you’re hiring are lifelong learners who believe in a learning culture,” writes Dana Murn-Kohal in a recent post from Association Success. “From the first impression you make on a potential employee, ensure that they understand your mission statement and that you’re upfront with what your culture stands for.”

Also, keep in mind that learning isn’t a one-way street. Consider what your senior team can learn from your more junior staffers. “Reverse mentoring is becoming more celebrated,” Murn-Kohal says. “Major CEOs of companies are being coached by Millennials because they have fresh perspectives to bring to the table.”

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