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Introduce Yourself So You’ll Be Unforgettable (In a Good Way!)

Deploy these tactical approaches to make a positive impact

If you can move beyond the boring basics when you’re asked “What do you do?," you’ll set yourself up for new relationships, opportunities and revelations, says introduction expert Joanna Bloor.

Mingling at a work event inevitably means being asked the question “What do you do?” repeatedly. After years of repetition and conditioning, most of us respond with “I’m job title X at company Y.” And, while this is the answer people expect, it’s also likely to linger in your new acquaintance’s mind only until it is replaced by what the next person says to them.

“Answering with your title and company is the cultural norm," says Joanna Bloor, CEO of Amplify Labs. She specializes in helping people discover and articulate what makes them distinctive so that they can form deeper connections with others. "But when you do, you’re missing out on an opportunity for the other person to know who you actually are. You are not just your job."

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