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Millennials Are Burning Out

Nearly three in 10 Millennials are very often or always burned out at work

Even with youth on their side, millennial workers are more likely than workers in older generations to say that they always or very often feel burned out at work.

In a recent Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time U.S. employees, 28 percent of Millennials claimed feeling frequent or constant burnout at work, compared with 21 percent of workers in older generations. An additional 45 percent of Millennial workers say they sometimes feel burned out at work, suggesting that about seven in 10 Millennials are experiencing some level of burnout on the job.

Although job burnout is not inevitable and there are many things organizations can do to decrease the chances of it happening, the numbers suggest that there is a crisis in how workers are managed.

According to data gathered by Deloitte, these findings from Gallup appear to be accurate. 

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