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What to Do When Membership Is Booming

A rapid rise often comes with growing pains

Declining membership naturally causes sleepless nights for association CEOs and membership teams, and finding solutions to that challenge is critical for survival. But what about the opposite situation? While strong membership growth may seem like good news, a rapid rise often comes with growing pains.

That’s what the Robotic Industries Association is starting to see. Fueled by a booming industry, RIA has experienced 25 percent membership growth in the last two years. The industry is surging thanks to advanced-automation and robotics technologies: Look no further than Amazon’s warehouse robots, which can now pick, pack, and ship an online order to your door.

“Robotics is a hot industry, and we continue to see strong growth,” says RIA Vice President, Bob Doyle. “But as an association that has been around for 43 years, we need to make sure that we are indeed changing with the industry and the times.”

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