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American Heart Association: Cut Back on Kids’ Screen Time

They recommend limiting screen time to one to two hours per day

One of the country’s most prominent public health organizations is the latest in a long line of groups to speak out on the issue of too much screen time.

The American Heart Association (AHA) this week released a scientific statement warning of the risks associated with youths spending too much time in front of a screen, saying it encourages unhealthy sedentary behavior.

“Increasing trends of screen time are concerning; the portability of screen-based devices and abundant access to unlimited programming and online content may be leading to new patterns of consumption that are exposing youth to multiple pathways harmful to cardiometabolic health,” AHA said in the statement, published in the journal Circulation. Although more research is needed, it said, the known risks are severe enough that families should encourage daily interactions without devices, along with outdoor play.

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