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When Everyone Offers a Membership Model

Now might be a good time to consider how to up your game

A few months ago, iconic YouTube personality and pioneering vlogger Casey Neistat announced he was launching a startup, and pointed out that he didn’t have a business model for it.

Another iconic YouTube personality responded, saying that he had some ideas to monetize the new company. He wasn’t blowing smoke.

Jack Conte, a well-known musician in his own right and the CEO of Patreon, responded with a video that liberally borrowed from Neistat’s slick visual style, announcing that he was coming to visit Casey and discuss some ideas for his new venture. The video was addressed to one person—Casey Neistat—but it gained more than 2 million views. (Neistat, despite having a case of what he calls “calendar anorexia”—aka, an aversion to meetings—took the meeting, which also got more than 2 million views.)

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