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Three Leadership Fads That Undermine Your Success

It's time to stop being an uncritical consumer of information

We’re barraged daily by tips and tricks about how to improve our performance – how to hack our sleep, better manage our boss or be our most authentic selves. If we could follow all of that advice we’d become fully engaged, highly motivated, star performers. Unless, of course, some of that advice is actually wrong.

Let’s face it -- we’re uncritical consumers of information. We accept that the news in our Facebook feed is accurate. We believe that Gwyneth Paltrow offers dependable healthcare insights. So, it’s no surprise that we embrace reasonable-sounding ideas about how to improve our work performance, especially if they’re advanced by people with Ph.D. after their names. 

Unfortunately, some of the best-selling books and most-promoted advice on performance are more likely to waste your time than boost your success. This includes three fads that you may know well: focus on your strengths, be an authentic leader and strike a power pose. Here’s what those fads claim and what to do instead.

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