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What To Do Now To Win Long Term

The never-ending fight for your organization's future

In a world where standing still is akin to moving backward at the speed of change, I often encounter management teams operating in a state of denial about the world unfolding in front of them. They get caught up in supporting dated strategies while preoccupying on the swirl of activities in the present.

Instead of looking outward at market forces and rising competitors, many management teams get wound around the axle of their own little universe. The results follow a particularly predictable flail and fail outcome. Top managers and management teams need to deliberately fight the tendency to preoccupy solely on the here and now, and ensure adequate consideration (backed by actions) is given to designing their firm’s futures.

The Gravitational Pull of the Short-Term Is Powerful—You Have to Fight It
I’ve been in fast moving environments as a senior manager, and frankly, I understand how easy it is to be drawn into the swirl of operational issues and the urgent-important and lose sight of the future. The next board meeting, the quarter close, the upcoming industry event—all of these and more keep our eyes squarely focused on running the business. It takes extraordinary energy to break the grip of this moment in time and invest in designing your firm’s future.

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