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Automated Tasks Allow Employees Focus on Digital Transformation

Moving functions to the cloud allows for greater focus on learning new skills

Technology and skills evolutions of the past
Prior to being an analyst, I was in corporate information technology (IT) and witnessed firsthand the impact technology evolution can have on people. I started my career as a Unix and Windows administrator at a time when 90 percent of the world was working on IBM mainframes.

I was the fourth open systems person hired into a company that had more than 100 mainframe administrators. Within three years, we had almost 200 Windows/Unix people and almost no mainframes — and none of the existing mainframe people made the jump to the new world.

When VoIP came around, a similar thing happened. The “legacy” team didn’t understand networking, and members were quickly replaced with newer talent. This has happened time and time again in a number of different technology markets, and we are living it again with the rise of digital transformation.

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