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Enforcement Actions Help Safeguard Charitable Sector

Recent actions have helped recover misused funds while protecting charities

Recent enforcement actions, including a nationwide crackdown on sham veteran’s charities, have helped recover misused funds and protect donors and charities.

In July, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine joined the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and regulators from every U.S. state in “Operation Donate with Honor,” a coordinated effort to target fraudulent and deceptive fundraising operations that falsely claim donors’ contributions will help military and veterans causes.

“There are many organizations in Ohio and across the U.S. that do great work to help veterans and service members,” DeWine said. “Unfortunately, there are some groups that only pretend to do this kind of work. We want people to know the difference. Sham charities drain away money and resources that could be used by honest, legitimate organizations.”

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