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New Study Finds Surprising but Simple Way to Slow Aging and Boost Creativity

New science picks apart the role of intelligence in aging

It's an old chestnut that you're only as old as you feel, but recent science has shown this cliche is also literally true. Our attitudes and expectations about aging play an important role in how fast our bodies age. Those who retain a youthful frame of mind have strong bodies and sharp minds for longer than those who feel their years more.

That means thinking like a young person can make you actually age more slowly. So, how do you keep yourself feeling youthful?

The smarter you were then, the younger you feel now.
French researchers recently found a surprising answer to that question -- be more intelligent. The smarter you were as an adolescent and young person, their new study found, the younger your "subjective age" (a.k.a., how young you feel) when you're in your 70s. Intelligence seems to slow down aging.

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