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Make Changes to Your Company's Workflow to Achieve Lightning-fast Growth

Create new jobs to match the way future work will be performed

Today, business leaders must be open to re-imagining the way work is done. This means that new roles and responsibilities must be defined. It also implies that existing jobs may need to be examined, tweaked, or eliminated to fit the emerging business models that are be established every day. However, this may be easier said than done.

Artificial job role boundaries often impede exceptional performance and inhibit people from being able to rethink how to get the job done. It is a form of the age-old "we've always done it this way" philosophy that serves to obstruct many change efforts.

To counteract this very human of behaviors, you must make certain that each person on your team understands the importance of their roles--helping them see just how their tasks fit into the greater whole. Knowing the impact of one's work will serve to lessen any fear of change that they may have and it can help them to become motivated to identify better ways to get things done.

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