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Why You Need to Study How to Communicate

To successfully market your service, you must provide targeted communications

As a student studying communications, one of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t see the value in what I’m studying. Many communications students have heard it, “Why do you need to study how to communicate? What are you going to do with that?”

There are schools, jobs, departments even companies and industries dedicated to it; what do you mean what am I going to do with it? Both my Proforma internship and my on campus job with John Carroll’s Sports Information Department have allowed me to better understand the importance of communication and answer those questions.

Why I Chose Communication
John Carroll gives students interested in marketing two tracks to study; one through the business school and one through the communication department. I am a communication student with an integrated marketing communication track. I started off as a business marketing major and quickly realized that courses like marketing campaigns, event planning and market research were more appealing to me personally than economics and accounting, so I went the communication route.

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