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How This COO Is Changing Her Company's Culture

It's possible to lay groundwork that leads to a positive, inclusive culture

Tina Hsiao is COO at WePay, a Silicon Valley payments company recently acquired by J.P. Morgan Chase. As COO, Hsiao wears many hats including the head of risk management, HR and technical account management. Hsiao has been credited with helping to create a positive and inclusive culture at the company, in an industry and location wrought with a dearth of diversity and grueling expectations.

“Culture comes from leaders,” Hsiao says. “We focus a lot on the leaders we bring in and the message we’re sending.” Previously in Marketing at Intuit for 12 years following an MBA at Harvard Business School, Hsiao has implemented multiple initiatives during her time at WePay including a Women of WePay group that is now run by employees. She mentors other women at the organization from across divisions, and focuses on maintaining a good gender ratio on the engineering team.

Hsiao recommends companies begin an engineering recruiting process with a coding test. This decreases bias early on, while the company ensures a diverse interview panel for candidates who make it through the test phase. Each person at the company who conducts engineering candidate interviews must be certified to do so. This includes having someone else watch a few of the interviews before an interviewer receives sign-off.

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