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How Effective is Your Communication?

Communication requires several key skills and components

Lack of effective communication skills has done more to keep good people from being promoted into leadership roles than any other skill deficiency. I hope I have your attention because in over 30 years of working with managers and organizations, my experience is that a lack of effective communication skills has kept very talented and skilled people from becoming leaders. They have this great knowledge and skill set for the job requirements but communicating in a manner to get positive outcomes from others was sorely lacking.

Communication is a basic human need. Interacting with other humans has been the core of human progress throughout the ages. Isolation and lack of human interaction will emotionally, mentally and physically debilitate a person; as will ineffective conversations. On the other end of the spectrum, when you communicate effectively and achieve more positive outcomes, you enhance your sense of well-being. I don’t know about you, but I know that I would prefer to think and feel better.  

Just because two or more people are talking with each other does not necessarily mean they are communicating. Communication requires several key skills and components. Key components include understanding yourself and others, creating agreements about the conversation, emotional involvement (or lack of), attitude and beliefs and your comfort zone. Skills include listening and questioning. If you want to achieve more positive outcomes with co-workers, or family and friends, the above skills and components will improve your communication.

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