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Machines Will Revolutionize The Workplace

But they cannot replace these two human qualities

As artificial intelligence (AI) is set to spread into our workplaces, many of us are left wondering what the machine influx will mean for our industries and, perhaps, our jobs.

The much anticipated book by Kai-Fu Lee, “AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order” comes out next week -- as does the entirety of Thrive Global’s original video series with Lee in which he shares his theories (and warnings) about the future of the workplace. The former president of Google China, Lee is a major thought leader, expert, and investor in the field of Artificial Intelligence. And his insights on the ways technology will change how we work predict nothing short of a revolution.

The Future of Jobs 2018 report, released Monday, backs up Lee’s predictions: it forecasts that by 2025, more than half of all current workplace tasks will be performed by machines. That’s up from 29 percent today.

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