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Never Do These 3 Things to Someone Coming Forward With Sexual Assault Claims

Here are a few simple things to avoid in this incredibly difficult situation

Since the #MeToo movement began, many male leaders have struggled to understand how to deal with sexual assault claims and prevention. Even the most well-intended CEOs, business tycoons and leaders seem to not know the appropriate response.

This was best demonstrated earlier this year by the adored Tony Robbins who claimed that the #MeToo movement may be damaging for women because now male CEO's are avoiding to hire them in fear of being accused of sexual advances. Robbins responded quickly and publicly apologized after widespread outrage to his statement.

Late last week, shortly after Tumps SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh had his confirmation hearings, Dr. Christine Blasley Ford came forward with a statement that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when they were in high school. 

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