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Seven Things Introverts Wish Extroverts Knew

Chances are they're not going to figure it out on their own

As I pointed out a few columns ago, introverts tend to be more creative, more reliable, more trustworthy, and to work harder than extroverts. Not surprisingly the great inventors and innovators of history have been markedly introverted: Einstein, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Archimedes and Charles Darwin.

Insanely, though, contemporary business culture values extroversion. They hire people based upon first impressions (extroverts are good at that), goal them on "collaborating" (which extroverts love), and then spending billions of dollars creating open-plan playgrounds perfectly suited for extroverts.

As I said, insane. Or maybe "inane" is the mot juste.  

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