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Do Your Members Need a Break?

Consider adding a pause button

What I’m about to say might sound counter-intuitive to your member engagement strategy, but bear with me. Is it possible that your association does too much for members? The idea that less is more may not be popular among association pros with business or performance goals to meet, but I expect it rings true for a lot of members.

What if a majority of your members are experiencing email fatigue? Or they may be busy five-minute members unable to commit to volunteer tasks, big or small. On an individual level, a member may be experiencing a job transition, a personal or family crisis or a medical leave that causes him or her to disengage.

Here’s the good news: According to Community Brand’s 2017 Member Loyalty Survey, a large majority of members (84 percent) feel satisfied with their organization, and 74 percent said they’re likely to renew. But an “always on” engagement strategy that’s not attuned to individual members’ needs can have the opposite effect of what you intend. From the member’s point of view, membership in your association starts to feel like a burden.

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