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The Root Cause of Workplace Drama: Lack of Clarity

Employees want to be successful; how success is defined isn't always clear

No matter what the business problem, whether it’s turnover, incivility, low patient scores or managers who don’t know how to give direction, all problems have one root in common: The lack of clarity.  

Let me make a couple of distinctions about clarity: Clarity and certainty are not the same thing. Sometimes being certain keeps you from being clear because you are operating out of closed-minded assumptions instead of critical facts. Secondly, just because you have a lack of clarity does not mean you have workplace drama, but I can guarantee that, if you have drama, there is a lack of clarity at the root. This article offers three examples with lack of clarity at the root and what to do to course-correct.  

Failing managers
Your managers aren’t making good decisions. They continue to go to their vice presidents and executives to get approval. You believe this time-wasting workplace issue is due to a lack of confidence. You offer leadership training that includes a workshop on decision-making, but the problem persists.

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