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Amazon Thinks These Employee Behaviors Signal Interest in Unionizing

How the organization trains its managers to crack down on such activity

For years, Amazon has been staunchly anti-union. Though reports come to light every so often about insane work conditions and unlivable wages, the company tries hard to fight off every whisper about potential employee organizing. Now it appears it has a structured way that it trains managers to crack down on any union activity.

Gizmodo got its hands on a video Amazon sends to team leaders, which shows them how the company approaches union activity. Spoiler alert: The e-commerce giant doesn’t think too highly of such activity. According to the description of the video, which Gizmodo opted not to post to help maintain the source’s anonymity, Amazon resorts to well-trodden anti-union tactics. It told managers that it believes in direct communication between employees and higher-ups, instead of having an organization to advocate for workers. It said plainly that unions are not in the best interests of the customers.

Perhaps most interesting was a bulleted list of behaviors for which managers should be on the lookout. These are, in the company’s eyes, what employees act like if they are vulnerable to union activity. 

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