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Security, Cost Remain Pressure Points for Event Planners

Security issues are a top concern keeping event planners up at night.

A new report from the travel marketing firm Development Counsellors International (DCI) found that security issues are a top concern keeping event planners up at night. One thing they’re not losing sleep over: the “Trump effect.”

Of the many worries stressing out event planners and decision makers these days, the biggest is security, according to a new report. And most meeting planners surveyed by DCI, which focuses on tourism and economic development, made it clear that they expect destinations to help them implement measures to keep their events safe.

Other major concerns reported in “A View from Meeting Planners: Winning Strategies in Destination Marketing" include destinations that don’t quickly respond to requests for information, which 38 percent of respondents said was an issue. In comments to BizBash, DCI Vice President of Tourism Daniella Middleton said the finding highlighted the need for destinations to have a plan in place so they can respond almost immediately.

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