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Here's How to Know When You've Struck Meeting Gold

Some say that only four minutes in any meeting bring any value

Tick tock, tick tock ... We've all been guilty at some point of watching the slow progress of the clock as we sit through yet another meeting that would have been better handled through a group message or email.

While we often fixate on "meetings gone wrong," there are also those amazing meetings that truly made an impact -- where a team had a critical inspiration that unlocked success, closed a crucial deal or had a breakthrough in forging a relationship with a boss, employee or client. It is these powerful impacts that make meetings such an important part of our professional lives. The question is, how do we break the cycle of bad meetings that leave us dreading the next one and wondering when we'll get to the real work of our day?

I have found that in nearly every meeting, no matter how long, there are only about four minutes of "meeting gold" -- instances when all participants react strongly to an idea, and engagement and information-sharing are at their highest. If you can capitalize on these moments, you can unlock your team and drive dramatic acceleration in delivering on your most critical objectives. The challenge lies in being able to identify and capitalize on these instances to maximize engagement and productivity between and during future meetings.

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