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Daily Buzz: Microsoft Outlook Gets Verified

The new feature is intended to help organizations boost their email credibility

If email is a big part of your marketing strategy, you’re not alone. Around 124.5 billion business emails are sent and received each day, according to data from the Radicati Group, Inc., a qualitative and quantitative research firm. For consumers, that’s a lot of outside noise to sift through.

To help your emails stand out in a cluttered inbox, Microsoft announced a new “verified” feature for its popular Outlook email clients, which can help users identify legitimate brands and businesses. Organizations have to opt in to get the verified icon, but once obtained, it can validate you and your content, as well as give consumers better access to contact information, newsletter subscriptions, and more.

The feature won’t officially be rolled out for a couple of months. But when it arrives, it will offers organizations a way to build their credibility in a world full of phishing and spam emails.

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