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Daily Buzz: Hosting Sustainable Meetings

Sadly, the meetings industry leaves a huge carbon footprint

There’s no way around it: The meetings industry leaves a huge carbon footprint. Between traveling attendees, paper invitations and communications, energy used to power the event, and more, conferences create sizable waste that affects the environment.

That realization has left many in the industry pushing for more sustainable events. “Insiders stress the importance of a holistic approach to sustainability, looking to ‘green’ all stages of sourcing, organizing, planning, and executing events,” says Allan Leibowitz in a post for Skift.

For many planners, a holistic meeting approach starts with finding an eco-friendly venue with the green credentials to prove it. At a logistical level, it means moving to paperless events, avoiding plastics, creating local menus, and encouraging attendees to go green, too.

“It’s not enough to go green: Events need to show off their environmental credibility,” Leibowitz says. “As long as the environment remains a hot issue in society, events with green credentials will be perceived as more worthwhile and will help organizers please their audience and deliver the right messages.”

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