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More Group Retro Rebate Checks Coming This Month

Checks distributed in July and August will soon expire

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) announced on Oct. 15, 2018 that the distribution of the agency's $1.5 billion rebate will soon be complete with the delivery of the last round of checks to employers that participate in the Group Retrospective Rating Program. Those checks will go out this month.

All other employers should have received their checks in July and early August. Those checks have a 90-day life and some have already expired.

The BWC began sending the checks in batches on June 28. The first of six batches expired Oct. 3 and all outstanding checks will expire by the end of October.

The following table shows expiration dates listed by issue date:

Issue Date         Expiration Date                    

6/28/18               10/3/18                                

7/9/18                 10/12/18                                                                

7/11/18               10/16/18                                                  

7/13/18               10/18/18                  

7/17/18               10/22/18                    

7/19/18               10/24/18   

If your check has already expired and you didn’t cash it, the BWC will credit your account the amount of your rebate. Credits will apply to any outstanding balances owed; a new check will be issued for any remaining credit on the account.

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