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OSAE, ONN Refresh Associations Advance Ohio Website

The refresh coincides with greater tracking tools, updated digital marketing options

Associations Advance Ohio Logo_2017Since 2017, OSAE and the Ohio News Network have made a concerted effort to focus on the Associations Advance Ohio (AA) program. The brand itself was refreshed in July 2017; now, the two organizations are excited to announce that the website has been refreshed and updated. Lisa Schackmann, the Ohio News Network representative that works on the program, worked closely with OSAE to update the site and integrate new ROI and tracking tools into its develop. Participants in the program will now receive improved tracking and penetration statistics as well as more concise information about their program’s success.

In 2012, the program was launched to educate and excite members of Ohio’s association community and state residents about the importance of seeking out professionals who belong to trade associations and professional societies. The program highlights what associations offer: the value of continued education, best-in-class procedures policies and overall professional stewardship. While several members of OSAE participate in the program, the society is looking to make a stronger impact with other organizations and Ohio’s consumers.

“After conversations with program participants and interested parties, it became quite apparent to OSAE leadership that we could do more to ignite excitement around the program and drive statistical support of involvement,” said Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE, OSAE’s president & CEO. “It’s for this reason that we invested in refreshing the website and are recording new radio advertisements highlighting how associations impact Ohioans’ lives every day. Not only does the program reiterate the value of stewardship, it speaks to each participating organization’s individual members about the value of engagement to their particular field.”

Via this program, OSAE is dedicated to educating Ohioans on the benefits of choosing association members and to understanding the differences that exist between a professional who is a member of their state or national organization and one who has chosen not to participate in association membership. In fact, AAO was first developed to extend this educational process to all residents and businesses throughout the state. AAO is a collaboration effort of Ohio’s association community to clearly define what all association members have in common – a higher standard of ethics and education, and the responsibility to actively advocate for their members and the communities they serve within their professions.

The AAO program is designed to illustrate that association membership is the initial stamp of approval to look for when a consumer selects a professional in any field. To find out more about the program, please visit

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