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The Future Of Healthcare Is Well Care

Lifestyle factors, social determinants of health impact lifestyles

You might be surprised to learn that about 60% of our overall health and well-being has nothing to do with the medical care we receive. It’s connected directly to behavioral, environmental and social factors – everything from access to public transportation to the availability of health food in your neighborhood, among many other factors.

In fact, only about 20 percent of our health status is attributable to health access to medical care, while another 20 percent is tied to genetics. This means that lifestyle factors and the so-called social determinants of health have an incredibly important impact on a healthy lifestyle. 

At Catholic Health Initiatives, we’re already seeing some extremely positive results from our renewed focus on population health and social determinants. We call it the “Total Health Roadmap,” and it represents the most recent tangible expression of our mission, which, since the day we were founded 22 years ago, has been to create healthier communities.

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