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Women Leaders Give Advice On Success, Like 'Freedom With Frames'

People lead the way they want to be led

After interviewing more than 750 CEOs, I firmly believe the quickest fix for our economy is to have more women CEOs. To date only 24 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women; and it’s no secret that we have incredible bench strength in women executives who just need to get to the CEO position.

So, in an effort to gain insights on leadership, on Sept. 13, 2018 I put together a panel of leaders who I thought could shed light onto how women can transform leadership. We talked about their leadership philosophy and what advice they had for women to succeed in today’s world. They shared concepts like: “people lead the way they want to be led”, “growth and comfort don’t coexist,” “disposable time of your employee,” “focus on succession,” “freedom with frames” … In addition you’ll hear about one of the most important branding message to promote the true beauty of women, as well one of the best analogies I’ve heard to date on how to view the power of quantum computing in our digital world.

The leaders were, from the United Nations, Chantal Line Carpentier, Chief New York office of UNCTAD; Mani Dasgupta, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Global Business Services; Sharon Price John, CEO and President, Build-A-Bear Workshop; Shelly Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus, Ogilvy and Judy Marks, President, Otis Elevator Company.

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