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Keep Your Priorities Straight When Launching a New Product

Achieving strategic goals should outweigh immediate revenue

Sometimes associations take a leap and launch a new product or service because it will enable them to achieve a strategic goal—even if it doesn’t immediately bring in revenue.

That’s what the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) did in late September by launching the SHRM Speakers Bureau. Its goal with the bureau is to expand the organization’s reach throughout the community, and one way that SHRM hopes do this is by keeping its bureau’s speaker fees flexible.

The way the bureau works is that both SHRM members and nonmembers can search for speakers across nine broad topic areas, which range from immigration to diversity and inclusion. Interested parties then fill out an online form, which not only asks for the usual information (e.g., length, date, time and location of the speech), but also inquires about the group’s estimated budget.

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