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Two Ways Being Busy Can Be Good For You

Being busy can actually help you make better decisions

When someone asks how you’re doing, saying you’re busy is no longer an impressive answer. Once a badge of honor, today it sounds like a precursor to overwhelm and burnout. It also shuts down conversation and isolates you from the asker.

Saying or even bragging that you’re busy, however, is different than keeping busy. According to research, being busy has two benefits that could improve your health.

Should I go to the gym or relax on the sofa? Do I splurge on a treat or save money for a long-term goal? Every day we face decisions that cause us to choose between instant gratification and future well-being. Viewing yourself as a busy person can help you practice better self-control, delaying gratification and making decisions that will benefit you later, according to research from INSEAD, a global graduate business school.

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