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Seven Signs You’re an Association Technology Disruptor

It isn't just about quick fixes and applying Band-Aids to problems

Being an Association Technology Disruptors isn’t just about quick fixes and applying Band-Aids to problems. It’s about looking down the road and asking, “What can I do now that will not only fix today’s issues but will have a lasting positive impact on the months and years to come?”

Over this past year, Impexium has been highlighting individuals who are doing just that. We call them change-makers and association technology disruptors. They are integral team members of associations that span industries from automobiles to college sports to distilled spirits. And while the details of their day-to-day duties may differ, they all share one thing in common: the commitment to making an indelible difference. Simply put, these folks do not accept the status quo. They’re not looking for workarounds. They are constantly searching for ways to do things more efficiently and more effectively to make things easier for their members, and to allow their associations to be industry leaders.

At Impexium, we share that desire to push the limits of what is possible—it is ingrained in our culture. We consistently survey our customers to find out what’s working, what we can do better and how we can challenge the norm. We want customers who treat us like partners, who are driven and emotionally invested in helping them accomplish their goals.

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