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The Value of Leading With Meetings Data

Use the data to capture insights into long-term goals

Associations are often pushed to be more “data-driven,” which is a good thing. But given all the data that leaders have the potential to access now, it’s worth asking: What kinds of data do you trust to take the wheel? How much of it is truly useful?

I’d been inclined over the years to think that meetings data is mainly useful for associations when it comes to thinking about, well, meetings. It’s important for the meetings department to understand things like how far attendees are willing to travel to your event, what sorts of content and education formats resonate with them and what makes for a repeat attendee. Important stuff, but not strategy stuff.

But after working on a feature for Associations Now on the value of meetings-related data, I’m more inclined to think that association leaders should take a closer look at that information to help them with their big-picture decision-making, too.

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