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Make Meaning

The clearer you are on your meaning, the more success you will have

The first step to innovating is to make meaning. Determine how you can make meaning and the success will come. Look at these companies and their meaning:

  • Apple - Computers
  • Google - Information
  • Ebay - Commerce

Apple’s meaning was to improve the way computers worked in our home and office. While Google’s was to get the consumer information by searching the web. Next, Ebay’s meaning was allowing the consumer to buy products in an online auction format.

The clearer you are on your meaning the more success you will have.   Look at Apple, Google and Ebay; their essence can be boiled down in one word: Computers/ Information/ Commerce.  At your organization what is your meaning?  What are you trying to do?  If you want to separate yourself from the competition focus on meaning and the results will follow.

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