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Medical Students’ Group Launches “Med Out the Vote” Campaign

A campaign to get members registered and to the voting polls

Like many advocacy organizations, the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) has felt stymied in recent months by legislative gridlock. AMSA has decided to use that as an opportunity to encourage its membership to register to vote and encourage others to do so in next month’s midterm elections.

Med Out the Vote, as the campaign is called, is the brainchild of AMSA National President Dr. Perry Tsai, who had been thinking about how to improve engagement among members since taking the role in May. “The message I was getting back in May and June was that we’ve got all these [advocacy] goals, but we and all the other advocacy organizations that we work with are basically at a standstill until the midterm elections are done,” he said. “So the only thing that we could focus on in terms of getting our goals to where we want them was to have some sort of influence on the election. And the way to do that was voter registration and voter mobilization.”

Three pledges make up the core of the campaign: A pledge to vote, to help others vote, and/or to mobilize voters through canvassing. In all three cases, AMSA provides resources to those who take the pledge, from pins and stickers to more active guidance for registration and mobilization efforts. Since the initiative launched in July, Tsai said, approximately 600 people have signed on to the pledge.

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