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How “Hot Desking” Amplifies the Open Office Trend

Offices are increasingly becoming more communal places

Does it matter if you don’t have a place of your own at the office—and if so, how much?

The phenomenon of hot desking or desk-sharing—effectively, moving employee desks based on the activity that needs to be done that day or when that person is in the office—has gained momentum in some offices, but it’s also gained many of the criticisms of the open office. In fact, some critics see it as an extension of the worst parts of the open office.

“Because I can’t sit in the same seat two days in a row, I always feel mildly panicked in the morning about finding a spot where I’ll be comfortable,” Fast Company contributor Allison Duncan wrote of the phenomenon last month after being exposed to it at a new job. “On my first day, it was like being the new kid at school by a multiplier of 100, and it’s been especially hard to learn my colleagues’ names when they don’t ever sit in the same seat.”

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