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Membership Hack: Chapter Trivia

Use trivia to spark friendly competition, build buzz

To spark some friendly competition and build buzz for its annual conference, the Association of Change Management Professionals quizzes members weekly on chapter trivia.

How to hack it? Game shows can be fun and addictive, so why not leverage some of that energy to increase engagement? That’s what the Association of Change Management Professionals does in the lead-up to its annual conference, using gamification to profile its local chapters and create excitement for the meeting.

The ACMP “Road to Conference Challenge”  is a weekly trivia game that members play in the three months before the conference. Once a week, an email newsletter profiles a different ACMP chapter. At the bottom of the newsletter, members click a link to take a four-question quiz about the chapter. Members who answer all the questions correctly every week are entered into a prize pool to win a $1,000 gift card or free registration to the next year’s conference. Winners must be present at the opening general session to collect their prizes.

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