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How Three Associations Partnered to Feed the Content Beast

Lighten the load by forming a content partnership

Does your association have stories to tell? Most likely you do, but maybe you’ve struggled to produce content or said, “If only I had more staff writers and editors or budget.”

Long gone are the days when an association editorial staff could produce a single publication on a linear schedule with enough staff and resources to produce in-depth features. Today, associations have to be fast-moving, multi-channel digital operations in a complex communications environment.

The problem, according to a blog post by Atlantic57, the digital consulting agency of Atlantic Media (and, coincidentally, my former employer), is that the content team “may not be able to think creatively or holistically about how all of the content they create comes together to tell a greater story and build meaningful audience relationships. Instead, everyone just feeds the beast, writing story after story, creating social post after social post, and churning out analytics report after analytics report.”

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