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Asset Managers Group Kicks Off D&I Initiative

The project is meant to close some very wide gender and ethnicity gaps

To better address diversity and inclusion in its industry, an association representing asset managers has launched a new initiative to pinpoint issues and create solutions.

The Diversity Project was launched earlier this month by NICSA, a trade association that represents banks, investment firms, and related companies. It’s modeled after a UK initiative of the same name that was created in 2016 to address inequality in the industry and make it more appealing to a wider range of workers, particularly college graduates.

NICSA was approached earlier this year by the UK Diversity Project about the idea of using its model in North America. NICSA President and CEO Jim Fitzpatrick said he was eager to do so, though the initiatives operate independently. “We will collaborate and share ideas and best practices between each other, but we’re independent,” he said. “They’ve certainly been the catalyst for us to organize our own efforts in a more thematic way around diversity and inclusion.”

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