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Apple's iPads Are Now More Interesting Than Its MacBooks

The iPad Pro is a showcase of truly impressive technologies

at a music venue more than a century old, Apple released its newest and most innovative computer. It's thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and it's powered by a crazy-powerful new processor.

Also, there was an update to the MacBook Air.

It's true: While the new MacBook Air was the product that people hopped on a plane, train, or subway yesterday to see, the clamshell laptop was just the opening act. The new iPad Pro announced yesterday was the headliner. It's a more technically impressive device, one that demonstrates what the future of computing looks like to Apple. Apple spent approximately 20 minutes talking about the new MacBook Air yesterday, while it took longer than a half hour to go through all of the features of its new tablet and its stylus accessory, the Pencil.

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