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Lighten Up Your Presentation To Increase Engagement

Incorporate fun with relevant pop culture references, humor and audience activities

According to a recent study, 79 percent of people surveyed agreed that most presentations are boring. With boring presentations comes a decline in sales, team morale, and overall performance. Yet, we continue to follow the same presentation mold over and over again. As a presenter, it’s your job to push back on this statistic and break the mold rather than settle for a boring, ineffective presentation.

By adding a bit of fun to your presentation, you can quickly and easily move your presentation from boring and bland to fun and engaging. That’s why we put together three tips for adding fun to your next presentation.

Use a pop culture reference. 
An easy way to lighten the mood and add some fun is to infuse a bit of pop culture into your presentation. Add a quote, joke, or maybe even a video clip to get your audience laughing and engaged in what you are sharing. When selecting a pop culture reference, it’s important to fully research the context as well as the person or event you’re referencing. Ensure that your reference will not be offended and that the context is relevant.

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