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Daily Buzz: Keep Members’ Data Safe

Only collect data that you'll use

Data can be invaluable when you want to enhance the member experience, but you need a data governance plan to keep members’ information safe. 

Unlike profit-driven companies that rely on data to make money, associations and other nonprofits use data to advance the mission and improve the member experience.

“With data comes knowledge about your members. However, that data has a short shelf life, which is why every association should have a data governance team that follows a clear strategy for collecting, maintaining, and using data,” says the MemberSuite team in a blog post.

To get started on a data governance plan, MemberSuite suggests the following:

Regularly collect data, but only collect what you’ll use.

Explain what the data is being used for. “People are more willing to provide data when they understand how you will use it,” MemberSuite says. “Emphasize how up-to-date data helps you understand their needs and interests, and provide more membership value.”

Let members know you’re serious about data security. Talk about what your association is doing to prevent a data breach and share strategies members can use to keep their information safe.

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