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The Case For Transparency

Why these CEOs think transparency drive success

Transparency has become a new management buzzword. Ten years ago, an employee might not protest (or even question) a management decision that their executive team made in secrecy. But today, employees expect companies and its leaders to be transparent. It’s no longer enough to give orders and announce decisions–employees want to know why and how.

Of course, companies still have the choice not to disclose that information. But the risk of public blowback is greater. With social media and sites like Glassdoor, unhappy employees can air their grievances publicly, and companies risk external backlash. Arguably, the stakes are higher than they were 10 years ago.

For three tech executives, transparency–particularly when it comes to goal setting–has been a cornerstone of their business practice. Leaders at Box, Front, and Buffer tell Fast Company why they believe practicing transparency is crucial for businesses. It’s not just because it’s good for their workplace culture–it’s vital to their financial success.

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