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Daily Buzz: Web Audits, Google Style

The new developer portal can audit, score and provide best practices for websites

Google launched a new portal for developers that can audit, score and provide best practices for websites. 

Designing a website is about much more than design: It’s also about performance, SEO, accessibility and new development techniques—just to name a few factors.

Now, Google has launched a new tool to help developers create websites that hit the mark in all areas. Called, the portal lets developers audit their websites, scores them against best practices, and then provides lessons on next steps developers can take to improve the sites.

“Will our search rankings improve if we fix the descriptive text issue with our links? I doubt it. But overall, Google hopes that if you take these factors into consideration, it will lead to a better user experience for your users on your website,” says Barry Schwartz in a post on Search Engine Land. “A better user experience may lead to more happy visitors, more links, more social shares, and who knows—maybe better rankings in Google as a result.”

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