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How Millennials Have Disrupted The Workforce

Five ways they are shaking things up

Millennials receive a lot of flack for the massive transformations occurring in business today. To Baby Boomers and older generations, the workforce is almost unrecognizable. The shift from a customer-centric to employee-centric experience has redefined business strategies from the ground up.

Employers once ruled the market with the privilege of being able to hook the best candidates with an attractive compensation package and upgrade in title. Today, the priorities have changed to focus more on development, transparency and work-life balance. Many companies are struggling to adapt and are facing a loss in top talent.

If businesses want to remain competitive in their industry, they have to redesign their business from the bottom up with a focus on the internal culture. The popular TV series, The Office, remains a hit among viewers because of its ability to mimic the realities of the daunting outward focused corporate culture.

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