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Women-led Wednesday: A New Retail Holiday With a Message

Retail holidays along the lines of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gaining increasing currency as both a marketing tool and a way to highlight broader business or cultural goals. (Which is why some folks might be taking money out of their nearest ATM on Wednesday, and distributing some of that money to charities next Tuesday.)

Another example that highlights both of those points pretty effectively is Women-led Wednesday, a new campaign launching this week. The initiative, borne of the outdoors industry, encourages online shoppers to take a look at women-owned businesses.

The concept was spearheaded by Cassie Abel, the head of both Wild Rye Mountain Apparel and the marketing firm White Cloud Communication, who saw an opportunity to give fresh awareness to companies run by women, at a time when the issue is front of mind for many—in no small part because a record number of women were elected to serve in Congress this year.

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