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How to Capture Stories For Business Presentations

Stories rarely come fully formed, and most lie dormant

I often hear people say they don’t have any stories to use in presentations – so here are some techniques to help you spot your stories.

Customer stories: Unless you have been the only supplier that a client has ever had – they must be with you for a reason – you must be providing something they were not getting elsewhere. Your customer had an objective that they struggled to fulfil – you were able to resolve their struggle and to get them what they needed. Start by asking what products do you provide? Why are these so important to your customer and what did they do before they had access to them? What was their challenge? What struggles did they overcome and how did you help? The journey will be different for each customer – for some you may be an “interesting alternative” – for others you may be the “answer they have been looking for”.

Stories rarely come fully formed and most lie dormant. So, start with successes then work back towards the story behind them.

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